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Overview of Services
  • Technical support for First Nations responding to proposed resource developments

  • Reviews of environmental assessments

  • Traditional ecological knowledge studies

  • Land use and occupancy studies

  • Support for community-based monitoring programs

  • Ecological and policy analysis

  • Archival and oral history research

  • Land use planning

  • Workshop facilitation

Technical support and Traditional Ecological Knowledge Research

Effective consultation and co-management prioritizes Indigenous knowledge and builds on Indigenous approaches to ecological science. I specialize in traditional ecological knowledge research in relation to wildlife management, environmental impact assessments, land claims, and land use planning.

I specialize in providing technical expertise to First Nations that are dealing with mining, forestry, road developments, and projects that impact freshwater environments.


I offer project coordination, counter-expertise and review of technical documents, and can assist you in developing land use plans and other agreements.  In collaboration with your community, I can find and organize relevant data, and design research, monitoring, and traditional ecological knowledge studies that best reflect community interests and values.

Archival Research and Oral History

I provide comprehensive archival research services in support of negotiations and aboriginal rights litigation.  With experience working in collections ranging from the National Archives of Canada to provincial, museum and church archives, and broad expertise in the history of Native-settler relations in Canada, I can find, organize, and mobilize the historical evidence you need in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 


I design and conduct oral history research and traditional use studies with hunters, fishers, trappers, and other land users, in ways that pay careful attention to methodological concerns, that maintain Indigenous control over the research, and that build capacity in communities for interviewing, research design, and data interpretation and management. 

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